I'm in a situation where I got Syslinux bootloader on an USB flash 
drive. It loads the MEMDISK ramdisk module with a floppy image as 
contents which is then executed (as drive A:).
I'd like to get into a situation where the USB flash disks doesn't get a 
driveletter assigned by the kernel when it loads but only after the DOS 
USB driver stack is loaded.

To that end there seem to be 2 options:
1) "/memdisk initrd=floppy.img pause" followed by removing USB disk and 
pressing a key to continue. Later on, insert again.
2) keep kernel disk scanning/enumerating code intact but don't execute 
it for drive 0x80 and up, at startup at least. This way the drivers can 
be loaded, set interface to max supported speed, recognise devices, and 
get a driveletter assigned (C: likely)

Is the kernel designed to allow such a specific scenario #2 ? It's very 
un-DOS-like to delay giving out driveletters. Initdisk.c seems to 
suggest scanning can be disabled [SCAN_PRIMARY], but I guess that's a 
permanent option instead of only for boot-time.

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