> I use the Kernel 2041 and found follow strange:

> If I press the <F8> key for singlestepping and then the <ESC> key to skip a 
> command, the
> singlestepping-process of the FDCONFIG.SYS is skipped.
I implemented it this way because AFAICT MSDOS 6.2 behaves this way

> Under MS-DOS the <ESC> key skips only the current command and
> doesn't skip the singlestepping-process.
I may be wrong (it's a lonnng time ago), but I'm fairly sure that ESC finishes
config.sys single stepping for MSDOS 6.2

> Under the commando-processor (I use the FreeCOM) the <ESC> key
> skips only the current command, too.
that's a completely different thing

> I think to skip the singlestepping-process is a good thing, but its better to 
> do this with another
> key, like the <SPACE> key.
better: use the same key that MSDOS uses. what is the MSDOS key for
that ?


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