> I'm not sure how you can say the FreeDOS project isn't interested in a BC5
> kernel.
because I was around when the kernel was ported to MSVC, BC5, OW (in
that order)

> The BC5 makefiles I found in the kernel sources I didn't write.
>  Bart last worked on them 9 years ago.
right. an since OW became an *free* option, MSVC and BC were dropped

>    Bit rotten for sure
the last time I checked bits don't rot

>    and OW became
> usable in that time.  So yes, priorities change, but I'm taking the posted
> FreeDOS Roadmap, as goals and stretch goals for the project.  I read
> (paraphrasing): built-in networking, built-in USB, integrated DPMI, 32-bit
> & 64-bit support, device driver imports, automated regression testing.
all great - and so far off reality that is isn't even funny.
is was never even discussed, let alone agreed upon.

> I've
> done a couple of simple tests and I am getting 32-bit register code from my
> copy of BC5.
of course this is a huge step towards 'built in USB, 64 bit, bla'

> The Roadmap is reason enough for me, personally, to continue
> to 'experiment' as you say.  There's no way of getting 32-bit real mode
> code from OW.
OW outputs enough 32-bit real mode code to get the job done.
is the BC5 code smaller/faster in a significant way ?

> Again, I'm not doing any porting.  And I do intend to work this issue.
>  However, software development, like many human endeavors, is best done
> collaboratively & socially, IMO.  If someone in the last 9 years has
> compiled the kernel with BC5, they might have tips for me.  Heck, I
> remember when the kernel was TASM/BC only, and only a select few could
> afford to contribute.  I advocated back then (almost 15 years ago) for
> porting to open tools.  I'm glad the early FreeCOM/Kernel developers had
> made the effort to port to open tools.
it was a pleasure ;)


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