Sorry for the link I haven't used thus machine to send emails in a long 
time.  The antivirus tags it with it.  I had suspected that I wouldn't 
be able to kernel merge, but it's nice to have thoughts. The multiuser 
will have to wait whilst I wait on the response from Caldera,  They have 
an open source codebase that is not gpl compatible.  Maybe they would 
change the licensing or discuss possibilities since I asked.  I could 
ask for the DOS 4.0 codebase instead.  Seems reasonable.  I will instead 
right now temporarily fork the code onto github.  I will address any 
bugs that come up, but it shouldn't be too bad.  I will be using the 
stable version as my base.  All I want to do is add kernel hooks to the 
Forth interpreter.  If that works out it might be worth my while to do 
some software porting.  I want to bring this closer to *nix 
(specifically netbsd) and one other unnamed OS.  So if Forth does or 
doesn't pan out Lua seems just as viable...  but not as favorable.

Thanks for the response
- Tom

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