Kernel 2042 is tagged.  Source and 8086+ builds are staged on SF
(admins can view now, everyone else in a few days).  386+ builds are
not yet available.
Builds with FAT12/16 only and FAT12/16/32, source archive, and fdpkg
files are also available
and will include 386+ versions once I build them.

This release includes mostly bug fixes, please see docs/history file
or revision control logs for details.

I have not yet committed all the changes/patches/pull requests in my
queue, but I did not want to delay the release any longer to ensure it
makes it into FreeDOS 1.2 release as it fixes several important
issues.  INTERLINK issue has not been resolved, and still requires
option to load low.  Please note that although a version of sys is
still in the sources and included in the releases, it is not the
latest version; a future change will remove sys from the kernel
sources and move it into its own package; possibly the same for share
and country so they can be updated separately from the kernel.


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