On May 12, 2016 2:05 PM, "Tom Ehlert" <t...@drivesnapshot.de> wrote:
> > INTERLINK issue has not been resolved, and still requires
> > option to load low.
> Why not?
> crashing the kernel when a driver calls DosAlloc() is not so smart an
> idea. disabling dosalloc for drivers is possibly suboptimal, but at least
> prevents a crashing kernel.
> of course a better fix would be nice but I won't hold my breath.
> IMO planning a 'release' with a known problem AND fix is stupid.
> Tom
There is not a fix.  While your suggestion should work, it doesn't for me.
The flag variable to fast fail had the wrong value in my test kernel.
Something is wrong and it will take me time to track down the issue or fix
properly.  In the meantime, there are important changes that I want to
ensure make it into next distribution released.

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