On 30/11/2016 8:54, Mateusz Viste wrote:
> Here's the thing: I, as a user, store lots of useful software on my PC. 
> Many of these programs are so useful that I like to have them available 
> immediately from anywhere: ZIP, UNZIP, UNRAR, UPX, NASM, TCC, OPTIPNG, 
> QV, MPXPLAY, UHEX, GOPHERUS, LAME... the list goes on and on.
> To achieve this, I know of four ways. Each comes with some limitations.

Simtel had two programs that create links: exelink2.zip and linkln10.zip.
I though I had the former, but apparently no longer; iirc it used a text
file to store the links and a TSR to hook the EXEC call.


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