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I did a bit of googling about your problem:

> I have an Asus a7n8x deluxe motherboard and was wondering how i would 
> get sound working. Its an nvidia sound card called sound storm.

This is one of the many boards today with onboard AC97 sound chips which
are very simple (but multichannel / surround), so you need special drivers.
You will probably have to enable "legacy" sound support / SoundBlaster
compatibility in BIOS and/or with a jumper. You will have to set "PnP OS
installed" to NO in BIOS (or install a DOS PnP manager like the Intel one,
but that is a waste of effort when you can simply flip that configuration
setting in BIOS setup instead to tell it that DOS is not PnP...).
You do also have to provide a BLASTER line in your autoexec:
SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5 P330
for example. Leave away the P330 if your legacy support does only include
the DSP sound of the SoundBlaster, not Adlib/OPL3/MIDI...

The Asus A7N8X with nForce chipset seems to use Realtek ALC650 sound chip,
so google for a DOS driver for that. HOWEVER, your board should have come
with a CD-ROM with drivers, so search for DOS drivers there.
Sometimes you have to have to run some TSR in the background to help the
lecacy / SoundBlaster compatibility mode of your AC97 sound a bit, and
that TSR could be found on your CD-ROM. Or try the VIA drivers:

> http://www.viaarena.com/?PageID=328 supports DOS for VT82C686A/B VT8231

Some other links:

> http://www.soundcard-drivers.com/drivers/57/57315.htm
> http://www.dbsnet.co.za/downloads/via/68mu120a.zip

> http://www.computing.net/dos/wwwboard/forum/7731.html
> http://www.computing.net/dos/wwwboard/forum/12918.html
> http://www.computing.net/dos/wwwboard/forum/14487.html                       

I even found something about USB for DOS (off topic here...):
> http://www.catc.com/products/usb4dos.html
... but that is far too exp*nsive for normal users.

In general, Computing.net has a great DOS forum, it seems. Please some
FreeDOS users register there and help some people and/or give a few
"you can do that with http://www.freedos.org/ if you cannot find a copy
of MS DOS anymore..." type of replies ;-).

> http://www.computing.net/dos/wwwboard/wwwboard.html

Thanks a lot!

And please tell us how far you got with DOS sound on your Asus nForce
motherboard in a few days - would be good if we could add this mail
and your additional comments to the online self-service FAQ system...!
(Which already contains SOME information about AC97 sound support in DOS)


PS: Linux calls this sound chip a generic intel i8x0 (e.g. i810 was one
of the first AC97 ones) compatible one. So you can try if other AC97
tricks work for you, even if you could not find a Realtek ALC650 one.

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