10-Апр-2004 23:17 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (WЬrm) wrote to

>> try: looks like there used 8x8 fonts
>> (and selected 640x200 mode) - not nice.
W> It doesn't use a graphics mode - it uses text mode 80x43, since 80x25 is
W> not big enough to fit all the information...what's wrong with this?

     I mean _text_ mode with 8x8 (not 8x16) fonts. As I understand,
something related to INT 10/AX=1200/BL=3.

W> Are non-english 8x8 fonts well supported?

     Don't remember, if you send me link to wde, then I retest it.

>> Secondly, WDE tries to show boot record
>> as FAT32, even on FAT16.
W> It shows all possible fields for bootsectors;

     This is wrong, because may force user to think that there is FAT32.
Also, BOOTSECINFO structure (with boot sector extended signature, label, FS
type string) is placed in different places for FAT1x and FAT32. BTW, you may
look into BOOTFIX.H from my BOOTFIX package - I hope, you find there
definition for boot sector.

W> since the fat type changes based on those values - should it
W> avoid displaying all values and why?

     Because FAT1x doesn't have values, which have FAT32.

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