Hi Jay. I've started a "FreeDOS for Gamers" page at http://www.freedos.org/news/games/

I haven't gone back to finish the page - it needs EMM386 added, and I'll also link to a gallery of screenshots. I just haven't had time to finish it. I'll get it finished soon, but the info there already may help you if you would like a sample setup.


Jay Maus wrote:
I inherited an old 233MHz Pentium from a friend who bought a new Dell system
and was sick of looking at his old, clunky PC that had caused him many a
problem. I've decided that the thing would be great for playing pre-1990
arcade and console games, perhaps built into a mini desktop cabinet or
joystick box that can be connected to a TV.

At any rate, I figured FreeDOS would be a great candidate for this. I've
used it in my old 486 Laptop, and it has been able to run Nesticle most of
the time without a hitch.

ArcadeOS is a DOS frontend for several emulators. The ones I'll be running
primarily are MAME, KGen98, RockNES and ZSNES. Do all of these emulators
work well in FreeDOS? Are there any special settings I should consider? I
imagine I'll get some slowdown in ZSNES and KGen98, as well as with the
newer arcade games; the machine is a 233 MHz Pentium Pro with only 48 MB of

Any wisdom any of you can share about this stuff would be appreciated,

--Jay Maus
Lawrence, KS

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