Eric Auer wrote:
I also tested the QV (quickview32) .APM (ARJ file with package for
Arachne). Works okay, could play MP3 and classic MOV file format.
But it is shareware. Even Arachne is more or less shareware now: ... for non-private use, you have to
register. GIF / JPG / PNG worked directly in Arachne. Auto-search for
"package to open ZIP" failed. The .APM system seems to be a bit
confused on my install anyway.

Hm, I thought Arachne had gone GPL.

Another good point with FreeDOS + SSH2DOS is that my disk just went
to sleep :-). In Linux, it is never really idle. The bad point is that
I cannot switch to another window or do anything else than SSHing
while I am in this SSH2 session in FreeDOS...

Happy DOS-surfing :-).

PS: I did not test IRCABI because the LSM tells that you would need
SLIP, while I have plain Ethernet / LAN. Do you think it would work
anyway? Any IRC client which you can recommend for DOS?

I seem to recall getting Trumpet IRC (IRCABI?) up on LSPPP. Take that as you will...


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