On Mon, 17 May 2004, Arkady V.Belousov wrote:

> Hi!
> 16-Май-2004 20:54 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Massimiliano Chini) wrote to
> MC> I have a problem with a dos progam. It start but after some work I recive
> MC> the error: "Too many files at address 1234:5678"
> MC> I have already modified config.sys:
> MC> FILES = 200
>      Which program?
It is an old program for scentific calulations. It was written in 1985.

> How you work with it?
I make a boot floppy with FreeDos 9rc5 and FreeDos 9rc3. I used Windows95
too, but I have the same result

> What happen after this message?
It give me the Dos prompt.

> Note: kernel doesn't contains such message, so, this is application
> message. While we don't know what app you mean, no one even may suggest what
> happen wrong inside your program.

Years ago the program works. Problems with the new hardware?


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