Bart Oldeman schreef:

p.s. to others, please don't ask me when I'm going to do this or that --
as I said I'm not even sure if there'll be a new FD kernel release
or even basic CVS updates before July -- most of the components of my
freedos test box are on their way to a container ship due to
arrive mid-July...

shipping components one-by-one? :) good luck with your new location and job. Looks like you're a real "world-traveller" (or job-hopper).

Not that I'm a programmer, but I'd like to suggest patches to be problem-driven from now on,
and not code-optimisations, until the (current) kernel maintainer has more time available.
lots of encountered problems, but no easy solutions.
a ready-to-apply problem + patch (solution) should smooth the maintainer's activities in the scarce time that he can make free for this project.

time to sleep (0:55AM here..),



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