I recently had to upgrade quite some number of systems with latest BIOS 
versions (to support latest CPU models, RAM speeds, fix annoying bugs 
etc). Some systems have floppy and CDROM, some just one of those. Usually 
the vendor requires a single method, floppy or CDROM (most require 
floppy). But beeing limited to the system hardware I had to improvise a 
lot (booting with Windows installation CDs, switching CDs, flasshing etc).

I want to automate this process, ie to prepare some scripts to quickly 
setup a floppy or a CD, bootable (with FreeDOS) and on which I also copy 
the BIOS upgrade files which I need at that point.

Has anyone did this ? Any problems of using FreeDOS with BIOS flashing 
software ? Anyone has some hints ? (like how to get only the FreeDOS 
kernel and command.com from a FreeDOS distroy, how to make a bootable 
floppy or CD iso from those on linux)


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