Mihai Rusu wrote:

I want to automate this process, ie to prepare some scripts to quickly setup a floppy or a CD, bootable (with FreeDOS) and on which I also copy the BIOS upgrade files which I need at that point.

Has anyone did this ? Any problems of using FreeDOS with BIOS flashing software ? Anyone has some hints ? (like how to get only the FreeDOS kernel and command.com from a FreeDOS distroy, how to make a bootable floppy or CD iso from those on linux)

The MKISOFS program can create cd files (ISO9660).
BIOS flashing usually requires to clean boot DOS, so no memory drivers, no ramdrives, etc..

procedure is fairly simple:
-download a FreeDOS diskette image.
-mount it on Linux.
-remove everything except kernel.sys/command.com

now put your flash program on the diskette(-image) (Uniflash for example, freeware), and the BIOS file.

you now have everything on the disk except a file to automatically start the flashing process.
if you want to automate this, create a file a:\autoexec.bat:
@uniflash mybios.rom

make sure you use the correct commandline.
For my motherbord it was:
amiflash 2885v202.rom /a /b /e /c

the cd creation is simple:
-you have the diskette image
-use a MKISOFS front-end program (GUI) to create your cd, and point to the diskette image as a boot source.

I'll work on giving a downloadable diskette/cd for the Tyan BIOS that I have.

Much more can be done.
One improvement for example would be to put a copying program on the bootable cd, so you can create a bootdisk when inserting an empty diskette
(use the XCOPY tool).


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