Ian McCall wrote:

New to the list - apologies if this has been covered before, but I did search the archives and although I found similar questions nothing I cam across quite answered this.

I'd like to make a bootable ISO of FreeDOS which then directly loads a DOS utility I need. I can use the makeiso.bat on the install ISO to add software onto the base install, but I'm not sure how to make it boot straight into the program I need. Basically, I'm new to the whole mkisofs thing, and all the tutorials seem to be based on creating bootable Linux distros.

Is there a HOW-TO for going about this anywhere? If not, does anyone have any advice on how to proceed? The utility in question is StarCommander, used for transferring between a Commodore 1541 floppy drive (for the C64) and emulated disk images - it will need XMS as per the install but that's about it.

Thanks in advance for any information,

I create an image called BOOT.144 of a boot floppy with FreeDOS, and whatever needs to be loaded from config.sys, and have it load the CD device as drive Z:, then switch to drive Z: and run a file called DOSSTART.BAT which does everything else. For making an ISO, I run "mkisofs -o \myiso.iso -b boot.144 ." (there's a DOS version of that somewhere IIRC), and I burn the ISO.


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