Hi, Tyler reports some interesting things:

- The DOS extender freeze on exit from QV (QuickView32 media player?) no
  longer happens with the new version (in the old version, you had to use
  DOS32A to avoid the problem)
- Quake (and Doom) work(s) with the new version, while other drivers caused
  freezes and messages like "DOS/16M involuntary switch to real mode"
- of course there are still UDMA troubles - in some cases even CDROM lowlevel
  drivers break if you load them into UMBs (not related to VDS, I think).
- some DOS4GW versions apparently no longer complain if your environment
  (env. vars...) is more than 4k in size???
- LOADLIN is finally happy with the new HIMEM(64, 22apr2004 version) and EMM386
  (would give up or crash when initializing the initrd e.g. with FDXXMS, even 
  if you do not load EMM386, I seem to remember)

I myself tested Descent (DOS4GW 1.97), seems to run fine now (with older
versions of FreeDOS / DR DOS EMM386 programs, I always used DOS32A to avoid
crashes and other unwanted effects, not sure what exactly went wrong there).

should be informed that SBLive drivers are now supposed to work...
if anybody has or wants to create an account there for that purpose,
would be great. There is also some chatter about "more than 128 MB are too
much" (I think HIMEM supports up to 1 GB now, and morre than 2 GB will give
you some signedness errors as far as I remember my last quick look at the ASM)
and "better use 10 GB than 20 GB, FreeDOS uses too small clusters" there,
should be justified / corrected, too. I tried mailing Xenepp but the address
on his homepage did not work :-(. The ICQ of the moderator was wrong, too.
FreeDOS will use 2.5m clusters for both 10 GB and 20 GB (4k/8k size), as
it tries to keep the count < 4m while at the same time defaulting to 4k, only
for tiny drives 0.5k, FAT32 cluster size (i.e. only 1 GB ... 7 GB will give
you FATs with < 2m clusters). This might indeed slow down FreeDOS quite a
bit (2.5m clusters * (28+4 bit/entry) * 2 FATs = 20 MB for the FATs! Tough for
caching). Windows copies one FAT entirely into RAM and keeps it there, but
that takes lots of RAM and something about that idea seems to be patented...

> http://www.arcadecontrols.org/yabbse/index.php?board=10;action=display;threadid=20279

> http://www.mail-archive.com/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg00223.html
Hm, they ROT13 my address? Sigh... :-)

Renckly.de tells that nForce2 has some DSPish functions in addition to AC97.
Similar for VIA... but as we know, there are BIOS+DOS "SB16 for VIA AC97"
driverish things for DOS, while the big question remains: Where are the DOS
drivers for nForce2 AC97 or the DSP/APU of NForce2 MCP-T southbridge?

> http://www.mail-archive.com/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg00236.html
More nForce2 comments, this time by Nicholas Basso.


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