Hi Johnson!

> >FileMaven - a file manager ... with ... and: A file transfer
> >module! You can run one instance in "host mode" and then open a
> >connection from another FileMaven on another PC. Transfer uses serial
> >or parallel link cables (wiring instructions included).
      ************* Yes it DOES support printer port, as LapLink.

> But DOS alike OS still miss some "Killer Application" such as
> Peer-to-Peer swapping program such as Bit Torrent, the most vulnerable
> part of DOS is the interpreter missing Long File Name support.

You can install an LFN driver. And p2p stuff is mostly wasting bandwidth.
People are leeching like crazy, far more than they could conceivably USE
(you could say they download 50 hours of music each day...). I think this
should not be the world of FreeDOS. People who call this useful computer
use today will ask us tomorrow why they cannot click on PowderPoint in DOS.

To make use of long file names, you can then use a DOS version of BASH :-).

> EzNos also suffer from missing LFN. EzNos itself works fine on my
> office Pentium 133 PC.

EzNos supports at most 3 parallel connections, I think, and is a single
task. It can run on an 8086 with 5 MHz, too. If you want something real,
any 386 with at least 4 MB, better 16 MB, of RAM can run an Linux Apache
server. A very big part of the WWW today runs Apache. You are comparing
a lighter to a barbeque here.

> Even the famous MP3 encoder LAME don't have a latest DOS binary.

So what - the old versions of LAME created MP3, too. Maybe slower and
worse quality, but still... If time matters, better use any multitasking
32 bit OS, then you can do something else while encoding the MP3s.

> Another wonderful soft-synth TIMIDITY same ...

A soft-synth is only useful for an OS where programs use drivers for sound.
There are attempts to "steal" audio data from software, with help of protected
mode, but that should be seen as a kludge (e.g. used in VIAFMTSR Adlib/OPL3
driver for DOS). Apart from that, DOS programs just access hardware directly.


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