Johnson Lam wrote:
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Hi Jim,

I _can_ do this, but I'd rather not get in the habit of deleting comments from the forum (unless someone has posted something very obviously offensive.)

How about editing function?
I can change my typing mistake or something wrong.

I submitted a query for you on the SF support site. But since you can't go back and edit your posts on other forums that I'm aware of (Slashdot, for example) I would guess you can't do that here too.

Just post a followup to clarify.  Nothing wrong with that.

If it's just that you posted something before your work was ready, simply post a followup to your message indicating so.

Eric suggested not to expose the email address to public (HTMLhelp
have email address in plain text without protection), also the content
is not "complete". So it's a good reason to keep the file away from
normal user or those not in mailing list ...

But anonymous user can see the comment, it's potential danger.

I see that you've edited the html files you linked to ... they are now completely broken for email addresses.

I personally _hate_ that method of "hiding" email addresses. If you want to hide the email address, don't include a "mailto:"; link. You've made these "mailto:"; links, but replaced "@" with "(^^)" in the same Eric Auer style - so they are broken now. That's stupid, IMO.

If you don't want the email addresses visible, you should turn them into plain text. For example, not:

<a href="mailto:____(^-^)">____(^-^)</a>

But instead, this:





  ____<font color="#00ff00">@</font>

You could additionally replace the "@" with the ascii code for it, as Eric sometimes does. A spam email harvester cannot distinguish the above email address(es) from any other html text on the page. Yet a user will know they are email addresses, and can copy/paste the address into their email.


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