On Thu, 26 Aug 2004, Luchezar Georgiev wrote:

> The next logical step will be releasing the source code :)

This is not as improbable as it may seem (unlike what Bernd says). It
happened with 4OS2, well Matthias Paul already tried as you can see
from the forum at JPSoft.

> I attach the license under which 4DOS is now distributed.
> Does it allow its inclusion in the FreeDOS distributions?

Yes, it's a very liberal license. Also FreeDOS does have precedent in
distributing binary only software, see arrow-asm in "lang", but not in
"base". Even then FreeCOM has some advantages, being a lot smaller, while
still having nice features such as command line editing and tab completion.

The license is very similar to

The two sections that are added can be found (in slightly edited form) in
the GPL. If this were a source license it would be a BSD-ish subset
(possibly even GPL-compatible but IANAL so can't be sure).


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