Eric Auer wrote:
Hi, I have looked at the X-Spam-Scores of my list mail folder.
My plan is to throw away mails with a score of 3.0 or higher.
Of almost 8000 checked mails, there would be 13 false positives.
I am explaining those below. A possible reaction could be to
select a somewhat higher limit or to write mails in a way which
"smells less spammy". Or simply assume that I did not get the
affected mails ;-).

Score 3├.0: Yann B├ęgniot got this for being on DSBL (BlackList) once,
  Dosius got it once, Alain got it once, too. I assume that they all
  wrote most of their mails on non-blacklisted IPs / relays.
  In addition, once put something which sounds like free lunch
  in their footer, which, combined with base 64 encoding and Eduardo
  having Casino in his name, resulted in a score of 3.0, too. Shit happens.

Well, I could always mail using my Web host's SMTP, in a pinch. For a while I was mailing from my own computer (when I was using Linux), that could be a red flag, or perhaps there was other problems, Verizon's POP bounces a lot of legit mail, so I can't use it.

My current setup runs my mail through


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