At 03:48 PM 11/26/2004 +0100, Eric Auer wrote:

Hi, I have looked at the X-Spam-Scores of my list mail folder.
My plan is to throw away mails with a score of 3.0 or higher.
Of almost 8000 checked mails, there would be 13 false positives.
I am explaining those below. A possible reaction could be to
select a somewhat higher limit or to write mails in a way which
"smells less spammy". Or simply assume that I did not get the
affected mails ;-).

I assume that you request suggestions on how to strengthen underpowered or unintelligent anti-spam approaches and are not so egocentric as to suppose that everyone else on list need think about restructuring their own message content just to make your life easier due to use of simplistic single-pass single-decision-point spam filtering.

Using that assumption, one of the easiest improvements is to expand your decision tree. Many or most modern e-mail programs support filtering decision behavior. White-listing coupled with exclusion can be a very powerful winnowing tool. For example, white-listing content which contains one of a small keyword list of your FreeDOS interests prior to the >3.0 spam score exclusion would be an uncomplicated addition.

A number of ISPs, and even e-mail programs, now offer pre-receipt or automatic spam filtering at various levels of aggression.. Turning on even the lowest levels of filtering can considerably reduce the bad e-mail load you must post-process with very small chances of false positives. Certainly a much lower chance than basing e-mail discards upon a single closed access anti-spam score.

Far more complex approaches are available to reduce spam to a trickle, but onsite I find that a handful of Eudora filters immediately move to trash 95-98% of spam e-mails, a quite manageable level. And quick casual trash inspection before final purge is an easy failsafe.

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