11-Окт-2004 03:08 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Sergiy) wrote to

S> I have a 386-er laptop with 20Mhz CPU, 10MB RAM and 40,7MB HDD
S> I tried to install freedos from base floppies, cause i dont have cd-rom
S> drive and pcmcia on it =(
S> But it doesn't work korrektly.

     What goes wrong?

S> It looks like i don't have installed any boot-manager.

S> Whow can I install freeDOS from floppies and the rest of the
S> installation (GUI, Utils, etc) over null-modem cable?

     You may copy required files over null-modem cable and then install from
HD. For this, you need some program, which allows to connect computers
through this cable (or through "null-LPT"). For example, Norton Commander,
DOS Navigator, LapLink, Clan, etc.

S> (over serial cable: FreeDOS laptop <--> Debian PC <--> internet)
S> I'am running Debian Sarge Linux on my main PC. Any ideas?

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