Trent Slade wrote:
On 28 Nov 2004 at 16:35, Bernd Blaauw wrote:

Arkady V.Belousov schreef:

TS> The Beta 9 Freedos says it can't be run with nt/2000/xp.  So which
TS> build of freedos can I use?

    What mean "can't be run with"? Which troubles you have?

Arkady, the Beta9 had a bad batchfile which did not detect NT/2K/XP entirely correctly. The next FreeDOS, released hopefully later today, has fixed this.


Ahh cool, Arkady put me on the list, thanks dude :-)..

I just tried to make a bootable Dr. Dos using Bart's method:
But things didn't go very well (didn't even make an iso for me) :-).

I'm totally new to this freedos and other alternative dos stuff. I need DOS so I can run Impulse Tracker and dos console emulators like Kgen98. Running Impulse Tracker with VDMSound or DosBox is impossible with an AMD K6-2 550 even with 512mb PC133 SDRAM. The sound is choppy and running the win32 Genesis emulator Gens is bad in XP aswell. VDM in XP is a joke. I like many others need pure dos like on good old Win98.

I don't really want to install windows 98. It would be good just to chuck in a CD when I need to use DOS and be able to read files from NTFS and a FAT32 formatted USB Mass Storage Device. If you can have this support with live linux CD's then I think having the same support with a open src dos os is possible.

Will I be able to accomplish all this with the next freedos boot cd? :-)

I have a system by which I create bootable CDs - drop all the files in a folder, create a floppy disk image in what will become the CD's root directory, and use "mkisofs -b filename.144 -o \filename.iso ." from there to create the bootable CD.

The disk image needs to take the following into account:

* Device drivers need to be on the image, as the rest of the CD is
  inaccessible until sometime into autoexec.bat when the CD Extensions
  (they have to be on the disk too; it's shsucdx.exe in FreeDOS as I
  recall but my own discs use IBM MSCDEX) are loaded.

* You need a driver for the CD-ROM drive on the floppy image too.

I have a bare minimum on the disk image: the kernel, himem and emm386, sscdrom.sys, mscdex.exe,, and config files to the following extent. Keep in mind that the actual config files which I pasted here presume PC DOS 7, and will need some tweaking for FreeDOS:

BOOT.144:\>type config.sys
Seeking config.sys...OK
config.sys starts at cluster 498
FILES = 30
BOOT.144:\>type autoexec.bat
Seeking autoexec.bat...OK
autoexec.bat starts at cluster 499
@echo off
mscdex /D:MSCD001 /L:Z
cd \
if exist dosstart.bat dosstart.bat
echo Warning: DOSSTART.BAT not found

The brunt of the work, setting PATH and such, is done by a batch file on the CD itself. This allows the floppy image to be generic to different kinds of boot discs.


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