29-Ноя-2004 20:54 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Karim) wrote to

>> K> I don`t know what`s wrong here. The compiler doesn`t seems to find the
>> K> unit and put an error message on the screen.
>>      What error message says? Does this happen under FreeDOS or under
>>      other
>> OSes (MS-DOS, W9x, etc) also? What is your configuration (config.sys and
>> autoexec.bat)?
K> The exact error compiler message is:
K> " "Error: F84_EX.pas 1,11
K>  Bad Processor definition"

     Hm. Looks, like this your compiler edition not accepts directive, which
"defines" processor. What is in first line of f85_ex.pas?

K> That means that the compiler cannot find the "processor definition
K> unit", named 16f84.ptp (which is in the same directory).

     I not see from error message, that it not finds this file (or tries to
find such file at all).

K> Pas2pic is written for DOS and I assume that this problem wont appear
K> with MS-DOS.

     Assume? Better, if you try this in your environment.

K> There is also only one message written in
K> the pas2pic forum that describes exactly the same compiler problem on
K> the freedos platform. All the other threads are written from people who
K> compiled successful with pas2pic (on ms-dos).
K> There must be a diffrence in handeling lower- and upercase letters
K> between Dos and Freedos.

     There must _not_ be differences between MS-DOS and FD in this respect.

K> You can try it for yourself.  http://pas2pic.tk

     I can't, because limited in downloading and don't know, how to
reproduce your problem (what and where place, what and how run, what

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