To the FreeDOS Developers:

Thank you for an excellent product! I have recently
begun  teaching an A+ certification course at
CollegeAmerica ( at the Fort
Collins, Colorado campus and I was faced with a
shortage of MS DOS boot disks for a lab.

I decided to burn copies of the FreeDOS CD and give
them to the students instead. I walked the students
through and install of FreeDOS on the lab machines and
used FreeDOSes FDISK as a learning tool. I am
delighted that there were only few differences between
MS DOS and FreeDOS, which made it suitable for the
class. The few differences I found made it an
excellent seque into a discussion on the differences
between FreeDOS and MS-DOS, which helped to emphasize
key DOS concepts. I was also very impressed with the
"help" facility, which I demonstrated to the students
and had them spend time exploring on their own.

My only disappointment with FreeDOS is that the
LiveCD's version of FreeDOS is very limited and lacks
many commands (such as the glorious "help"!). Although
we had the luxury of installing FreeDOS to hard disks
in the lab, the students will not be able to boot the
CD on their home computers and have the full FreeDOS
experience to study from, unless they mess with their
Windows XP partition, which I doubt anyone wants to

For pedagogical and demonstration purposes, I would
encourage the developers to consider including a fully
featured FreeDOS installation on the LiveCD.

Keep up the excellent work!

Marcio Teixeira

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