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Hi Flo,

>A "Quick Download" link would be nice (maybe a button)... maybe like on
>Instead of ODIN, i would post "Single-Disk-Distribution", because ODIN
>is just a name, ISO should be understandable for all.
>A link "features" would be also nice (it could point to the about page).


>btw: DOSLFN should be included into ALL packages! Nobody use DOS without
>long file name. And...including a file manager like DNOSP oder
>Necromancer DOS Navigator would be also good. These are things, DOS user
>are missing...

They should be a separate package like: File Manager (w/LFN support)

>btw2: Many people want to use FreeDOS with USB-stick oder extern hard
>disc. There are drivers...not open source, but free. So...could you post
>a link on
>the about page (feature list) to http://www.bootdisk.com/usb.htm ?

Not all USB memory stick works, must have the warning message.

>Like: "-USB support with free driver from [...]"
>The same for NTFS support. Could you post a link to
>http://www.datapol.de/dpd/prod/ntfs4dos/ ? So that people can easily
>find it!

No English?
Any nice German developers or users can help to translate?

>Many ideas.... ;-)

Ideas welcome! :-)


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