Kenneth J. Davis schreef:
Does this includes ITALIAN.ERR also?

.ERR files are only generated by FIXSTRS if translation is not 100% correct, if I remember correctly. It's different from the 'critical error handler'.

Yes, although it may not be clear from the log (because the main binary
is the english build), I actually completely rebuild for each language,
though only the two criters (which I believe use the .err strings)
and strings.dat are included (as %lang%.dat) for the other languages
in the archive.  If there is demand, I can adjust my build to upload
additional archives (one for each language) instead of the current
setup which includes all languages [split into main binary + strings
to reduce size].

how is the criterr obtained? also from %language%.lng ? If not, this (IMHO) would be preferred:

part1: command.exe
part2: localized criterr + criterr1 (many languages)
part3: %language%.lng and fixstrs.

Creating localized FreeCOM would then be:
(fixstrs generates strings.dat, criterrs represents both criterrs)
(UPX is optional)

@echo off
fixstrs dutch.lng
copy /b command.exe + + strings.dat
upx --best --8086


by the way, would be nice if daily kernel builds also include batchfile for SYS A: /BOOTONLY , copying kernel, and optionally FreeCOM/shell.
Now I first have to go to commandline to use SYS A:


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