Hi, Udo Kuhnt comments on my question:

> the best PCI sound cards for DOS seem to be those with an ALS4000
> chipset. With these, sound in DOS is almost like a true Soundblaster,
> even FM sound which most other PCI sound cards have trouble with.
> The supplied driver works well with any DOS extender that calls a real
> mode handler, like DOS4GW, but not with DPMI programs that directly
> access the sound device in protected mode, e.g. Allegro programs. Yet it
> is still the best solution for boards without ISA slots I have found so far.

Apart from that, he simply recommends using actual ISA sound cards ;-).

I wonder how well the SBLive / SBPCI drivers work in DOS, now that Michael
added the extra SB support option to EMM386, any experience reports?


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