Wesley Parish wrote:

In relation to that, does anyone know where I can find the specifications of the native WordPerfect file format? And suchlike? I know O'Reilly's had something of the sort, and there might have been something similar published somewhere else - but I don't know where to get copies.


Wesley Parish

Corel publishes a WordPefect SDK, it might have the spec or at minimal will help in understanding the file format. You should look at libwpd, it is a library (unfortunately uses GSF which is GLIB based) for reading Word Perfect files. (It is used for AbiWord, and OpenOffice as well.) It mostly supports WordPerfect 6 through 11, though it does have some support for WP 4 & 5. See http:/libwpd.sourceforge.net for more/better information, their link page includes the url for the Corel SDK.


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