19-Мар-2005 13:59 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Eric Auer) wrote to

EA> If not, you can at least replace the "mov al,[esi] / cmp al,0ffh /
EA> je va_next / ... / va_next: inc esi / loop back" part by something like:
EA> "mov al,0ffh / repz scasb [esi]

     Don't forget about `cld'.

EA> / jz fail / va_checksubs2: lodsb /

     Don't forget, that all string instructions change (increment) (e)si
after last accessed byte. (Ie., I suggest, here you forget "dec esi").

EA> PPS: Arkady wrote that QEMM has switchable VME support. So it would
EA> be a good idea if some QEMM user could check the performance impact
EA> of switching VME on/off :-)).

     If you specify how (better if there will just one executable/script,
which does all tests and measures without user intervention), I may try

EA> Some sound / mod players are for example quite I/O and IRQ heavy. Hint hint.

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