On Fri, 29 Apr 2005, Eric Auer wrote:

} Hi, indeed, looks like a network drive with a problem.

Well, this is happening when I mount a local Mac drive [S: in my previous 
post]. And since the real NTFS network drive is in use by 20+ people I 
don't think there is a problem with it. 

} As you tell that you use only English, you can remove the DISPLAY and
} MODE CON CP lines from your configuration. The ATAPICDD line would only
} make sense if loaded before SHSUCDX, but it is better to avoid ATAPICDD
} and use a VPC-specific CD driver instead (which has to be loaded before
} SHSUCDX). You should try if it helps to remove / comment out the two
} SHSUCDHD and SHSUCDX lines to make fshare work.

I don't need CD-ROM support at all. In fact the main reason I am doing 
this is so I can get DOS to use more than 640kb of memory. Our windows 
2000 workstations run a legacy DOS program called ACCPAC+ [accounting and 
inventory program] and it has a very cool search feature that is quite 
fast. But it only works if the program can fit the entire inventory in the 
640kb space. Our inventory has now moved above that limit, so the search 
is no longer able to load the inventory into memory, resulting in a very 
slow search engine. I would eventually like folks to be running either 
Macs or Linux, and using FreeDOS to run the legacy app [which will be 
migrated away from in about 9 months, but it is important to get the 
speedy search back asap].

I did rem out the DISPLAY and MODE CON lines. No difference when I try and 
dir my S: drive:

 Volume in drive S is ???????????    
 Directory of S:\                    

} If that still does not help, does FSHARE work better if you do not even
} load himem?

Using option 3 at boot [eg: no drivers] and loading fshare manually gives 
me the same results as above. S: drive has a bunch of ??? for its label, 
and tons of ??'d files until i hit control-C

} If not, try updating your kernel, himem, or both. Do not use
} emm386 2.0 yet, too experimental. Use 1.15 instead (maybe you already
} have it, use emm386 /? to check). 

emm386 is 1.13, but again, fshare does not play nicely with emm386. 
Attempting to start fshare when emm386 is loaded gives me this:

Virtual Machine Folder Sharing                                   
Copyright (C) 1996-2003 by Microsoft Corp.                       
ERROR: Folder Sharing must be run from within a virtual machine. 

} Your himem should be version 3.10 or so.

Correct - 3.10 from Oct 19, 2004. 

} Recommended kernel is http://www.fdos.org/kernel/ CVS stable FAT32 8086
} OpenWatcom version (the default "stable" one on that page). Just replace
} the kernel sys file with the new one on your VPC virtual boot drive.

I tried just now replacing the kernel.sys with the stable one from the 
above page, and still my S: drive gives me the same ???'s as before. Any 
other ideas? :(


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