Hi Michael, big cheers for those bugfixes! Things work a lot
better now :-)). Still not perfect, though...

All my testings below were done without /max=... in HIMEM,
so roughly 192 - (56+1) = 135 MB of XMS were free when I
reached the prompt, less if EMM386 loaded but pool sharing
disabled, of course.

1. EMM386 X=TEST VDS EMM=32640
   gcube, mft, zip, jazz jackrabbit, raptor, ctstoast, lemmings 3d demo
   all work. In other words: PMODE/W, general EMS stress test (bench),
   CWSDPMI, RTM/DPMI16BI, DOS/16M, DOS32A, DOS/4GW are all happy.
   Did not test Descent (dos4gw/dos32a) and AuGoS (rtm) explicitly now.
   Remaining PROBLEM: Lemmings 3d hangs right before returning to DOS.

   Still everything as above :-). Pool sharing now on, though. I got
   an unreproduceable "not enough XMIN" from Raptor which went away
   when I did "rap /?" to figure out how to avoid it, even though /?
   officially has no effect in Raptor. The L3d hang was still there.
   Notice: DOS32A uses 50 MB, DOS4GW uses 32276 kB in Descent -verbose.

3. No EMM386 at all
   The RTM / DPMI16BI programs RTM and AuGoS spontaneously reboot at
   init. As checked earlier, it only seems to help to use HIMEM /max=?
   with ? being something like 31744, something about 32 MB addres
   space. Different to Aladdin, /X2MAX32 alone does not seem to help...
   Lemmings 3d does not work without EMS, by the way.
   Apart from the RTM problem, I notice a typical DOS4GW crash (which I
   remember to have happened long ago, maybe DOS4GW gets confused above
   64 MB of XMS free when no VCPI is present)... Loading with DOS32A is
   okay (168 MB RAM used and still okay, when testing with less RAMDISK
   size...! I mean 168 MB used by DOS32A.). The DOS4GW crash log tells:
   GPF at 3e58:24d7 (typical offset), esi=5b30 (1 above ES limit),
   edi=56cc, eax=ecx=c000, ebx=edx=16c, es=198 etc. etc.

Apart from the above test results, there are documentation issues:
todo.txt emm386.txt and emm386.lsm are all outdated, some even telling
(still) that there is no VCPI yet and a 64 MB limit and that FDXMS would
be unsupported because it would have a bug, and so on... :-P :-).


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