Hi, I am happy to announce EDIT 0.7c with some new features :-)


This EDIT supports Alt-digit for window selection, Ctrl-F to go
and F_ind something, and it has a cute new ASCII table window.
Actually the Alt-digit thing was a pain, because EDIT does not
normally keep windows sorted by anything else than Z axis (as it
has to draw windows from background to top layer to get the
display overlapping right). I had to add a whole new window list
thing to keep Alt-digit locked to the same windows.

Other changes: If you run into a write error, the "try again"
should now throw you to "save as", not to "try again exactly
the same way", as the latter only makes sense for diskettes.
Would be nice if you could test that... Note that I did NOT yet
manage to get "check if drive / directory exists" in, which is
"needed" if the user types a drive / directory spec directly in
the filename field instead of using the menu lists to navigate.

Text block handling should now work in all cases even if you
mark the block backwards, and you should be able to cut and
undo the cut for arbitrarily big blocks. Edit now calls int 2a.84
when it feels bored. This gives FDAPM the right hint and lets
you save energy with FDAPM APMDOS while editing. Another small
improvement is that the clock display is no longer blinking :-).

Please test EDIT 0.7c pre - simple bugs can be fixed in the
normal 0.7c release then (if needed). There are quite a few
things on the list for 0.7d, though:

Compress spaces to tabs when saving, add a window for my strange
fixed point math expression evaluator, check if drive / path are
valid and writeable before writing, check if the target file is
writeable before writing, highlight the current sub-item on the
file selection dialog (e.g. highlight the "directory selection"
box when you are in that part of the file selection dialog),
show statistics about the text (bytes, words, lines, ...?),
make EDIT show the DFLAT escape chars (89, 8c, ae, af) properly
(ideas?), add functions like "ruler", "upcase block",
"downcase block", "show line numbers", "tile windows",
"cascade windows", lots of other things.

Probably only a fraction of that will REALLY be in 0.7d, so
please tell me which of the functions are important for you.
And please check if old bugs still occur or new bugs got
introduced with 0.7c...


PS: One bug which should be fixed now is that you could get
off-screen cursor positions when using different resolutions
in EDIT and in DOS, which resulted in effects like DOS showing
no text, no cursor, black on black text, and so on.

PPS: Alt-digit to select one of the first 9 windows only
works with the left digit keys, not with the numpad ones,
as alt-numpaddigit is already in use by the BIOS to let
you compose arbitrary ASCII chars. And by the way, you can
use Alt-F6 to cycle through windows - seems that Alt-TAB
would be a problem for the keyboard driver, but you have Alt-F6.

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