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ecu> I have a problem with de LH, when i try to loadhigh de packet driver of my
ecu> network drive, it's load ok but when i use ping nothing answer, but if a
ecu> load in conventional memory de packet all it's ok the ping anmswer ok.
ecu> Can you helpe me? because it's really important to me solve this problkem
ecu> in my work.

     Probably, there is incompatability between your DMA controller, network
card and upper memory. Ie., your packet driver may not work (correctly) in
upper memory.

     But, probably, with other memory managers you may get better results.
Which kernel version you use? What contained in your config.sys and
autoexec.bat and which version of EMM386 driver on your machine? Do you try
latest FD-EMM386 2.02? If latest FD-EMM386 will not help, but you will need
to load your packet driver into upper memory, you may try to allocate upper
memory with help of UMBPCI instead of EMM386.

PS: Note, I CC: this letter to fd-user@ group.

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