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For applications which are best run from pure DOS, but the user has only NTFS (and Windows), and the max data stored is known ahead of time, a possible solution involves creating the file ahead of time (in Windows) and then in DOS either using a special driver to treat the file as a virtual drive or in the application specially supporting it. The file itself could be an app specific format (where a Windows program/GUI reads it and displays the information to/interacts with the user) or simply a disk image so a program like VFD makes it a virtual drive to Windows as well. Although not currently supported, it should even be possible to boot FreeDOS (possibly from the same disk image data stored to) from the NTFS partition. I am aware of one company that used an approach similar to this (where the user interacted with a Windows program, and the computer rebooted into DOS to run the tests, and then back into Windows for processing/displaying the results).

Doesn't PowerQuest do this in their PartitionMagic when you want to do something critical to the %systemdrive%?


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