I suppose already replied but, yes, you need an external add-in to be able to use LFN. Long time ago I did successful tests with one of LFNDOS or DOSLFN (I never remember which one) with FreeDOS + an extender (CWSDPMI) + a file manager that supports LFN, and had positive feedback.
Can look which one it was, if requred.


coralline algae escribió:

I was wondering if long file name support is already in freedos b9sr1
or is it necessary to run another program like  doslfn?
The reason I ask, is that while testing python for dos, the program
notes say that long file name support is needed/recommended.  However
with freedos b9sr1 the python interpreter starts up just fine.  I also
ran doslfn before starting python and the interpreter starts although
the system churns for awhile.   Finally I tried with lfndos before
starting python and that caused problems.


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