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ASM> - what EMX is exactly
ASM> - how does it relate to RSX.EXE?

RSX : DPMI-DOS 0.9/1.0 extender for 80386+ processors

RSX (32-bit 5.21) DPMI DOS extender for emx and rsxnt programs.
Copyright (c) Rainer Schnitker 1993-1998. All rights reserved.

emx 0.9d (rev 61) -- Copyright (c) 1991-2000 by Eberhard Mattes
Usage: emx [-cdeoqOV] [-s<stack_size>] <program> [<arguments>]

     As I understand, EMX is a layer, which allows to run OS/2 programs
outside of OS/2. And Eugene Roshal selects EMX/RSX because this property.

ASM> - how does it compare to WDOSX, if it can be compared?

     Don't know, but I don't hear about OS/2 in context of WDOSX, which is
win32 emulator.

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