Hi Mike,

> > http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/specials/callver.zip

> There does not appear to be any documentation with this program.  However,
> I assume that it either only works with FreeDOS...

> I attempted to use it under Win98SE DOS...
> CALLVER 6.22 <program>

> It always gives "Incorrect DOS Version,"...

This is because CALLVER, to be able to run BAT files, works in the          
following steps:
set the specified dos version
run a new shell (as defined by comspec variable, usually command.com)
run <program> in the new shell
exit the new shell
stop modifying the dos version

Because the Win98 command.com does not accept any other DOS versions
than 7.xx, things did not work for you... As a solution, either set
COMSPEC to point to another command.com (e.g. the FreeDOS one) or
let somebody improve CALLVER! The latter would be something like
"search the program in PATH and if it is not a BAT file, skip all the
"new shell" stuff, as it is not needed for COM and EXE files anyway.

While I wrote the original CALLVER, I do not really have time for the
described modification soon, so maybe somebody else can help out?
Callver is written in NASM assembly language.


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