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Hi Gerry,

>I'd been building and testing PCs using Dos622 with MSCLIENT 3.0, but 
>kept runing into limitations, conflicts and lack of memory. I tried 
>Win95 and Win98 boot disks instead, but things got even worse. A brand 
>new server had >4Gb of memory and Win98's HIMEM and EMM386 didn't like 
>this at all. The USB memory sticks also conflicted with EMM386.

Exactly same as my problem before using FreeDOS.

>I extracted the boot sector from there, and copied the kernel, made my 
>own FDCONFIG.SYS and suddenly it's working. I then got hold of the most 
>hacked together alpha, beta, CVS or whatever files I could find together 
>with UMBPCI and made a new build.

The best way to start FreeDOS should be boot from "ODIN" (a one-disk
only distribution of FreeDOS), and then install the FreeDOS into hard
disk ... you can refer to my homepage:


>I've now tested this on a range of modern hardware including dual XEON 
>servers with BIOS controlled RAID, AMD with RAID DOS driver, Intel with 
>BIOS controlled SATA, booting from USB memory sticks and building over 
>the network.

Good, thanks for your effort, please feel free express any feelings to
the mailing list, I'm interest to your story and experience.

>The result is incredible. I have tons of spare conventional memory, all 
>my real-mode apps now run properly, and everything is faster than 
>before. The other nice thing is that many of the FreeDOS facilities are 
>designed to work with the newer hardware as well as the old.
>This is a fantastic operating system.

Please help introducing FreeDOS to others!


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