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Hi Mark,

>You can install FreeDOS on a new computer and have it dual-boot
>with Windows XP as well.  This doesn't harm the WindowsXP
>installation at all and doesn't require re-installing
>WindowsXP.  You just put FreeDOS on a trivial amount
>of disk space at the end of the drive.

My experience is failure.

WinXP check the bootsector, it must be nothing or Win9x FAT identical,
otherwise after copying the file in text GUI screen and reboot, it
won't put XP's boot sector into the hard disk ... I got a non-bootable
disk prompt until update the bootsector to Win9x

>I worked out a detailed procedure for doing this and would
>welcome comments. It uses free tools that the Linux guys
>use for dual booting.
>See www.k1ea.com/hints
>Dual-boot "Real" DOS on Windows XP
>for a detailed procedure, though a bit MSDOS centric.  The
>keys are shrinking the NTFS partition to make room for
>DOS, formatting a FAT32 partition, and configuring the
>dual boot.

Thanks for your effort.
I'll try your way.


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