At 01:31 PM 7/12/2005 -0400, Mark wrote:

OK, here is the config.sys file I used with emm386.  Note
that including NOEMS on the command line causes the
installhigh to FAIL with:
DOS/32A fatal (1002): DOS reported insufficient memory

Well, the problem is here. You need the NOEMS option to free up that upper memory to get NTFS4DOS into it. NTFS4DOS fails to load into the upper memory after NOEMS and complains about it with a cryptic message from the extender. This even though 64K UMB is available, same as with UMBPCI. NTFS4DOS also using a horrible amount of conventional memory beyond the 64K that's in upper memory when it does work, which makes me think it has a bug.

Ah! Just remembered a factoid. DOS/32A is one of those extenders that fails if too much VCPI memory is available. Try this: Add NOEMS option AND add the option MAX=256M too. That will limit VCPI memory below the trouble-spot with it. Give us a MEM /F /X report with the NOEMS and MAX=256M options in place.

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