Shane Land is rather embarressed to announce updates to OpenGEM Release 4 just one day after the official launch!

OpenGEM, the GUI intended to provide support for the FreeDOS 1.0 release, has some problems!

OpenGEM Release 4 Complete, Core and Experimental had some issues that were discovered by Daniel Quintiliani of the GNU/DOS project over at

1) The REPAIR function used to restore essential system files was faulty.

2) The "Exit to DOS" function of the GEM launching file was faulty on some versions of DOS.

In addition, we discovered that the UPDATE and INSTALL functions of OpenGEM were not working correctly on OpenGEM Release 4 Complete, Core and Experimental.

These issues have all been corrected, and an updated version of OpenGEM Release 4 Complete, Core or Experimental can be downloaded from

If you have already installed OpenGEM Release 4, you can get an update patch for OpenGEM Complete, Core or Experimental by visiting To install the update, simply extract the zipfile to C:\ and recreate subfolders while overwriting files.

You can look at this two way is to think that even after all these months of development Shane Land still releases buggy software...the other way is that we took 24 hours to fix the problem after we were told about it.



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