Hi!  I am happy to announce to availability of an updated FreeDOS
Install CD, containing all of the disksets and also some enhancements.
 After testing, please e-mail me with suggestions for additional
software to be included/excluded and other things. Jim Hall is in the
process of downloading and uploading the ISOs to ibiblio, and I will
notifyt the mailing lists when this is finished.
Here is the Readme:

The files available are:


and the md5sums are:

356b0276407272550f6a76312449c949 *FreeDos-Boot-CD+Sources-2005-07-18.iso
366a430b0af2ce18d3ec9a15d078a97a *FreeDos-Boot-CD-2005-07-18.iso

These files are intended for testing only at this point as they are
largely untested and likely
have many problems to be worked out.  For those just looking to to a
basic install with updated
packages this should be fine, but there are no guarantees.

        This is the file that most people will be wanting.  This is a FreeDOS
with the Base, Edit, Lang, Util, and Net disksets, in addition to an
'Extra' diskset with many
other useful programs.  This is almost half the size of FDBOOTCD.ISO
because it lacks ANY source
packages.  If you only want some source packages, it is probably best
to download them

        This is the file that mostly developers will be wanting.  This is a 
Install/LiveCD with all disksets in addition to the 'Extra' diskset
and 'SRC_EX' diskset which
consists of many useful programs and their sources.  This is almost
double the size of
FreeDos-Boot-CD-2005-07-18.iso because it contains ALL of the source
packages.  Again, if you only want some source
packages, it is probably better to download them seperately.  This ISO
is available for GPL

        This file contains the md5 hashes for the above two files so that you
can check to make
sure that the files were downloaded correctly.

Both CDs contain updated packages including the latest HTML Help
binary compiled with kitten,
Devload 3.15, OSPlus Editor 2.1.1, MPXPlay 1.52, HXRT 1.26, 7za 4.23,
Format 0.91u, EMM386 2.04,
HIMEM 3.11, OpenGEM 4.0, FDXMS 0.94, and FDXMS286 0.03.  The LiveCD
portion of the CD-ROM
contains useful software like the entire Base diskset, MPXPlay, 7za,
Open Watcom, and games like
Bolitaire and Jump'n'Bump.

After installing FreeDOS from the CD-ROM, you can do several useful
things not available from
the original FreeDOS CD-ROM.  You can update the kernel to the latest
unstable kernel via wget
by typing 'krnlupdt' at the command prompt if wget is installed.  If
you don't want a package
installed anymore, you can remove it by typing 'fdpkg binary remove
<pkgname>' for a binary
package and 'fdpkg source remove <pkgname>' for a source package
(example: 'fdpkg binary remove
UDMA2').  If you want to install further software from the CD-ROM, set
the 'cdrep' environment
variable to your CD-ROM drive (set 'CDREP=D:'), then type 'fdcdrom
<pkgname>' and it will find
the package on the cdrom and install it (example: 'fdcdrom OWATCOM' to
install Open Watcom).

Enjoy Testing!

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