Hi (your last mail to the -user list was in html, oops),
FreeDOS is right to complain here: There is an official
partition type for FAT16 LBA, but you have a partition
which is marked as FAT16 CHS while at the same time reaching
beyond the 1024 cylinders that CHS can reach! WinXP seems
to just ignore the problem. FreeDOS shows a warning and tries
to ignore the problem, too, but somehow crashes.

Partition Status Mbytes Description Usage Start Cyl End Cyl
1 20 16 Hidden FAT16 0% 0 1
3 7 A 27980 NTFS 98% 16 3582
C: 4 6 494 FAT16 2% 3584 3646
                    ---- ---- start/end cyl are > 1023

WARNING:  partition Pri: 4 FS 06 has CHS:3584-0-1 not 1023-254-63
WARNING: partition Pri: 4 FS 06 has CHS:3546-254-63, not 1023-254-63
                                        3646, I assume?

WARNING: partition Pri: 4 FS 06 is not LBA

Please run FDISK to correct this - using LBA to access partition
start 3584-0-1, end 3646-254-63
C:HD1, Pri [ 4], CHS: 3584-0-1, start=28113 MB, size=494 MB

Those messages are far too verbose if you ask me! It would have been
enough to show only:
Partition should be marked as LBA, use FDISK to correct this:
start 3584-0-1, end 3646-254-63
C:HD1, Pri [ 4], CHS: 3584-0-1, start=28113 MB, size=494 MB

This would already contain all required information (you can
add, optionally, the overall drive geometry to the
start 3584-0-1, end 3646-254-63

Would be nice if Jeremy could reduce the error message verbosity here :-)

PS: This is NOT a smoking gun. Your partition table is wrong,
but in a "mild" way, which WinXP fixes silently and which FreeDOS
complains about. Nothing caused by FDISK, though.

("fixes" as in "assumes the right value" - WinXP does not fix the data
on disk. Actually MS FDISK is SO "caring" / crazy that if you create a
FAT16 partition but format it with a FAT32 filesystem, their FDISK will
pretend that the partition table would show the correct FAT32 value...)


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