Good day, all:

I just attempted to install FreeDOS on a partition on this laptop
again.  I copied the new, development, SYS.COM command to
the root of a floppy disk image, created a CD, and booted the

Everything is normal, so I entered "SYS C:".

are you sure BIOS boot sequence has been changed to boot harddisk before diskette drive? FreeDOS distribution based on Isolinux has an option to boot to harddrive (0 or Enter, executed command is "localboot 0x80) or diskette (a, localboot 0x00)

Sys generates a fresh bootsector on the fly when run.

Harddisk partition should have FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32 filesystem, be a primary partition, be an ACTIVE primary partition, and contain a bootsector which points to the kernel to be loaded.

When I boot the disk partition, it begins to boot as A:!  This causes
great difficulty...it should be C:.

boot from a diskette and do a DIR C:, then post output on this mailinglist.

My best theory at the moment is that, since SYS.COM was in
the root directory of the boot media, it copied the floppy disk
image boot sector and that is somehow different than a hard
disk boot sector.  I read the documentation page at

Sys generates bootsectors on-the-fly:
FreeDOS: fat12/16/32
Other DOS: fat12 (all), fat16 (not for Win9x yet)


but that didn't help me.

The beta9 installation CD uses a file freedos.bss.   Do I
need to explicitely identify that?

No, freedos.bss is just the bootsector written as a file to disk.
This makes adding FreeDOS to another bootloader, like NT's, very easy:

SYS command for it is simple:



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