> Can you please post a *simple* wattcp.cfg file?

I am working on that for the next testing release.

> I'm confused at which settings to use in the default wattcp.cfg file,

In the next version it will be setup for DHCP by default.

> also is the NE2000 packet driver enough to gain internet access on most
> computers? (some kind of universal packet driver)

I don't think that there is really a universal packet driver, but I
have already added a menu that can try to autodetect with the PCI
drivers in the collection, and it also has a list of ISA cards that
the user can select from to be included in the next version.  In the
next version, there will be a package that attempts to download
vide-cdd.sys and install it in config.sys or fdconfig.sys.  BTW, if
anyone knows of any other redistributable drivers please let me know
and I will add them.

> WGET is 386+ ?


> How do I know if WGET works or fails? some errorlevel?

I'm not sure; I guess you would have to look around.

There is a package that can set up a splash screen during config.sys
and autoexec.bat for the next version.

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