Hi Kenneth,

(this message just appeared, else I would have answered sooner)

Yes, I's used a different alias for this list so I could filter, and
didn't realize it was being blocked. (anti-spam measure). My fault.

the rest of the site is where I post my FreeDOS related stuff, or anyone else who has expressed an interest but doesn't have hosting abilities; in particular, official distributions would be here first then I'd mirror to ibiblio, I have boot disks (trying to get people to use alternate disk images than the install one), and currently where I upload near daily cvs builds of the kernel & freecom.

Sounds good.

Presently only the kernel & umbpci are easily updated, but with upcoming changes, I will be able to automatically update multiple locations (disk images, iso, downloads) by a single commit of updated sources. I can detail my work in progress for the curious, but that's a separate thread.

Yes, I think that's the problem with all the builds, they go out of date
too quick, and it's impossible to track versions properly. At present
I'm just running which ever hacked-up files do the job, but that means I
can't say I'm running FreeDOS x.xx, it's just a bunch of jumbled up
files that happens to work on the latest expensive hardware.


OK, this is nice, but how are people supposed to find it from the main
freedos.org site?

Thanks for the USB links, I've made a note of them for tomorrow.

Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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