Kenneth J. Davis wrote:
I have a work in progress towards fixing these issues of fdisk,
to try my current build -

I have updated the fdisk executable above.
- Changes from 1.2.1 version (see fdisk.diff at same location):
From Eric, it has some changes to carry usage in extended int13 detection.
- I updated the ClearScreen function to clear the whole screen (only the 1st 25 lines are used, but if you happen to be using a 50 line mode, all 50 should be cleared). The possible extra junk was annoying. :-) - On any read error it will abort -- note: I just realized this will also cause it to abort if the check for extra cylinder flag is active and one does not exist. So I need to move the check or allow it to be disabled. - All disk writes are delayed until just before a normal program exit; so on any errors (*) no changes are written; also no changes will be made if you select abort from advanced menu, or if you reboot instead of exiting fdisk. *any errors writing to disk during the end phase are still ignored* For minimal changes, I implemented this by caching all sector reads and writes; so in theory I suppose you could now experience a not enough memory abort. - Currently this has some debug messages included, so you can see exactly which sectors (CHS & BIOS disk #) are accessed and written to. - To avoid changes but still see the partition table, use fdisk /info (it doesn't seem to have the forced MBR update). - I am aware of one nasty bug, haven't checked yet if I introduced it or was there before; if you take a blank drive, create a primary partition (full FAT16 2GB), then create an extended drive (for me its 896MB), then create a logical partition (100% == 892MB), it comes back with 4MB free and if you press enter (such as to create a 2nd logical partition of 4MB or by accident) it will screw up the partition table horribly.

Anyway, please consider testing and providing feedback.

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