In my opinion it is good that you have the option to buy a PC with or without the operating system. What really sicks me is that absurd idea of the "preinstalled OS". I got an Acer laptop, they (almost sure) charged me for the OS, but they didn't give me the official WinXP Pro disk: it was "preinstalled", and there was a CD-ROM by which I could restore the whole HD as it was when I bought the PC (that is, with Windows "preinstalled" and erasing all other stuff added by you), but with NO OFFICIAL Microsoft Windows XP disk. Incidentally, I never cared actually if I had official Microsoft support with it. I ignore how efficient is MS support though (I do remember that the user support of Lotus Development used to be excellent!). This idea of the preinstalled OS, in my humble opinion, SUCKS! (no matter how cheap it can be for me or for Acer).


Yeah, some people just don't like WindowsXP.  It's hard to
buy a new computer without it installed, though!

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